Welcome to Ramakrishna Math, Cooch Behar

Besides the main gate, it has got two side gates on the same frame. The gate has been constructed with R.C.C. pillars and fitted with heavy iron rods. The height of the R.C.C. gate is 28 feet and width 43 feet 4 inches.  The measurement of the iron gate which is fitted within the R.C.C. enclosure of the main gate, is height 16 feet 4 inches, width 15 feet 11 inches.

To propagate the ideal of “Harmony of Religion” as embodied in the lives and teachings of the Holy Trio, symbols of ten religions made of fiber, have been fixed at the top of the gate. From left to right, the symbols are belongs to the following religions:

First – it is a decorative painting only

Second – symbol of Shintoism

Third – symbol of Judaism

Fourth – symbol of Zoroastrianism (Persian)

Fifth – symbol of Christianism

Sixth – symbol of Hinduism

Seventh – symbol of Buddhism

Eighth – symbol of Jainism

Ninth – symbol of Sikhism

Tenth – symbol of Taoism

Eleventh – symbol of Islamism

Twelvth – it is again a decorative painting

 The gate has been erected in such a way that anybody, standing at the gate can have a sight of the temple with Sri Ramakrishna Deva sitting and as if welcoming the visitors. A 16 feet 4 inches wide passage with R.C.C. foundation joins the main gate with the temple.

The remarks of the visitors and local public that such a gate is not visible in any institution other than Ramakrishna Math & Mission at least in North Bengal is not an exaggeration.

All are welcome to the centre to enjoy the lonely and holy ambiance of the Ramakrishna Math, Cooch Behar.

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